Angled photograph of a student drawing with a pencil in a notebook which is resting on top of a laptop computer.

About Full Sail DC3

Full Sail DC3 is a dynamic, short-form education platform that offers online courses and accredited certifications. With the values and benefits of Full Sail University, DC3 is backed by over 40 years of experience in entertainment media and emerging technology, as well as more than a decade of experience delivering compelling online education.

A man in a dark shirt stares into the screen of a video camera, while the sun sets behind him.

A Different Approach

  • Hands-on curriculum designed in collaboration with industry leaders
  • Subject matter experts working side by side with students
  • Project-based learning designed around students’ interest and goals
  • The support of Full Sail University and its community

Choose Your Learning Path

Here, students take an active role in their education, determining their own learning path as they begin their story with Full Sail DC3. We welcome lifelong learners, educational explorers, and even traditional degree seekers looking to develop new skills into the Full Sail community.

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