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Dan Patrick Teaches the Art of Interviewing for Full Sail DC3

Published Sep 5, 2023

The longtime sports media personality shows students how to conduct effective interviews in the six-week online course.

Are you looking to improve your communication skills? Would you like to effectively draw meaningful information out of others?

Full Sail DC3 offers a unique online course in partnership with Dan Patrick, a sports media icon and longtime sports talk show host. The online course, The Art of Interviewing, prepares students to thrive in any interview situation. While this course is geared toward those seeking a career in sportscasting, reporting, or journalism who want to hone their interviewing techniques, nearly anyone who regularly communicates with others in a professional setting can benefit from the topics covered in the curriculum.

Dan Patrick’s career in media spans four decades. He has worked for ESPN, CNN, NBC, and Sports Illustrated. Some of his notable interviews have included Michael Jordan, Mark McGwire, Barry Sanders, Wayne Gretzky, Larry Bird, Reggie Jackson, and Bill Murray. He currently serves as host of The Dan Patrick Show, a syndicated radio and television sports talk show where he interviews some of today’s most prominent figures in sports and pop culture.

During this six-week online course, Dan provides students with the relevant skills they need to conduct proper interview research and preparation, apply effective questioning techniques during an interview, execute meaningful interviews in a variety of formats and settings, and handle difficult interview subjects in a professional manner.

“I love being able to share the art of interviewing, and it’s something I work on every single day,” Dan says. “I get to interview a variety of personalities, but the approach is always the same. Everything is about communicating with somebody, and [you want] to be able to do it in a way that’s going to bring out answers. This class is for everyone, and I do mean everyone. If you’re a CEO, a teacher, a salesperson… you’re going to have this moment where you fully understand how to ask a question, and you’re going to get results.”

The Art of Interviewing starts monthly at Full Sail DC3. Find out more here.

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