Leslie Brathwaite sits at a laptop. He is smiling and there are records and music awards in on the wall behind him.

Leslie Brathwaite Teaches the Craft of Mixing Hit Records for Full Sail DC3

Published Mar 28, 2023

The Grammy-winning engineer gives students a peek into his mixing process during the six-week online course.

Full Sail DC3 courses provide real-world education in an online environment for students who’d like to add more skills to their professional tool belts or explore new interests. Up-and-coming audio professionals can learn about audio mixing in The Craft of Mixing Hit Records, a six-week course taught by multiple Grammy-winning engineer and Full Sail Hall of Fame inductee Leslie Brathwaite.

Leslie’s professional career spans over two decades. He’s worked with artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, and Ariana Grande. He’s also contributed to Grammy-winning projects like Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy (Best Rap Album, 2019), Pharrell William’s “Happy” (Best Pop Solo Performance, 2015) and TLC’s FanMail (Best R&B Album, 2000). Leslie’s years of experience make him the perfect instructor for online students who want a deep dive into mixing.

Mixing involves combining all of the tracks from a recording session together to create a cohesive song, and The Craft of Mixing Hit Records covers the business, process, and art of mixing. During the business module, Leslie gives students an overview of the recording process, how to negotiate fees and get on the same page as a client, and how to develop a positive reputation in the music industry. The process of mixing module demonstrates how to build a mix by using recorded vocals, adding and balancing instruments, and using plugins. In the art of mixing module, Leslie tells students about using ear training and musical influences to invoke a listener’s emotions.

“You come into this course and you think it’s just going to be about the technical stuff, and we will get into that. But it’s really about understanding the process, understanding the mindset, understanding the why behind what you do,” Leslie says. “You may be coming to learn how to make things sound a certain way. What you will end up learning is how to make people feel a certain way.”

The Craft of Mixing Hit Records starts monthly at Full Sail DC3. Find out more about it here.

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