Stephen Beres poses with arms crossed, standing in front of a large camera and lighting setup.

Stephen Beres Teaches The Craft of Cinematography for Full Sail DC3

Published Jun 30, 2023

The Emmy-winning producer and technologist shows students how to use the latest industry tools to express visual language in the six-week online course.

Aspiring filmmakers and seasoned professionals can add new skills to their repertoire with The Craft of Cinematography: Mastering Visual Language, a six-week online course from Full Sail DC3 taught by Full Sail Hall of Fame inductee Stephen Beres. The class focuses on the technology and processes used to create visual languages for film and television.

Stephen Beres is an Emmy winner with decades of experience in production operations; he’s worked on some of television's biggest shows, including Game of Thrones, Succession, and Westworld. Stephen is also well-versed in industry technology: He has been a pioneer in the transition to digital productions, and he’s worked with innovative post-production companies.

The Craft of Cinematography: Mastering Visual Language teaches students how to break down visual elements in movies and television shows and how to use those elements to convey visual language. The class also discusses cameras and other equipment used to express visual language, post-production techniques like color correction and texture, and how to create visual tests to evaluate new industry technology.

“What I’m really excited about teaching in this DC3 project is the actual process that we go through to test new technology on real film and television shows. Because once we’ve found the capabilities and limitations of that new equipment, we can use it to empower creativity,” Stephen says.

The Craft of Cinematography: Mastering Visual Language starts monthly at Full Sail DC3. Find out more here.

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