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This QA Testing Course Can Introduce You to the Gaming Industry

Published Jan 17, 2024

This course will expose you to what it’s like to work in this entry-level role.

Does working in the gaming industry sound intriguing to you? Are you wondering how to break into this field if you don’t have much experience on your resume? Finding a role as a quality assurance (QA) tester for games can be a good starting point. Full Sail DC3 offers a six-week course called QA Testing for Games designed to prepare students with the skills they need to explore this field.

According to Dr. Holly Ludgate, Director of Learning for DC3 Education at Full Sail, numerous conversations between Full Sail’s Admissions team and prospective students about how to break into the gaming industry without pursuing a full-fledged degree helped spawn the idea for this course. “We thought this might be a great avenue for potential students who were not quite ready to start a degree program, those who enjoy playing games but aren’t interested in designing them, or those wanting to get their feet wet in an entry-level position,” Holly explains. “We [also] wanted to level up that experience to help get them above their competitors[who have no formal training whatsoever] applying for the same jobs.”

QA testers are critical to the development of video games. Their job is to play a particular game several times through, identifying any glitches and evaluating other aspects of the game that could negatively impact gameplay. They also ensure that game features and storylines make sense. QA testers typically work as part of a team alongside analysts, engineers, developers, and localization and certification specialists. Full Sail DC3’s QA Testing for Games course teaches professional QA testing workflows. Students learn industry-specific terminology and how to use common software tools like Unity and JIRA.

Winter Breaker, a game developed in-house at Full Sail, is part of the curriculum that students have to evaluate by carefully playing through it twice. The course is moderated by a facilitator who collaborates with a professional from the gaming industry. Participants in the course have access to a Discord community during and after they complete it, keeping them connected to their fellow classmates throughout their careers.

According to Holly, the job of a QA tester is considered an entry-level position in the gaming industry but can lead to a number of advanced roles. “Once you get into the industry, there are lots of opportunities to move up,” Holly shares. After gaining experience as a QA tester, higher-level roles include QA analyst, lead tester, and senior tester.

QA Testing for Games starts monthly at Full Sail DC3. Find out more here.

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